BMC Certified Associate Discovery 22.x for Administrators Online Exam


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Introduction BMC Certified Associate Discovery

BMC Certified Associate Discovery 22. x for Administrators

Exam Name: BMC Certified Associate Discovery 22. x for Administrators

 Certification Provider: BMC Certification Exam,

    The BMC Certified Associate Discovery 22. x for Administrators certification is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for the management and administration of BMC Discovery. In addition, it discovery and dependency mapping tool. This certification validates the knowledge and  skills required equally important to install, configure, and maintain BMC Discovery Certification Exam.

To obtain the BMC Certified Associate Discovery 22. x for Administrators certification Furthermore, candidates must pass the Administration exam. Moreoverfurther, this exam tests the candidate’s understanding of the concepts and functionality of BMC Discovery, as well as their ability to effectively manage and administer the tool. In this blog, we will discuss the exam objectives, preparation tips, and resources to help you prepare for the besides equally important, for the administrator’s exam.

Exam Objectives: BMC Certified Associate Discovery

Furthermore The BMC Certified Associate Discovery 22. x for Administrators exam covers a variety of topics, including installation and configuration, data management, and troubleshooting.  Moreover, it is important to have a thorough understanding of each exam objective to pass the Certification Exam.

1. Installation and Configuration (20%)

–  In addition, identify the requirements for installing BMC Discovery

– Install and configure BMC Discovery

– Install and configure scanners

2. Data Management (25%)

– Understand how BMC Discovery collects and maintains data Certification Exam.

– Second, define Data Management Lifecycle (DML) policies

– Manage and troubleshoot data collection

3. User Management (10%)

–  In addition, create and manage user accounts and groups

– Configure user permissions and access Certification Exam.

4. Reporting and Dashboards (10%)

–  First ,Understand the different types of reports and dashboards

– Further, create and customize reports and dashboards

– Schedule reports and dashboards Certification Exam

5. Integrations (10%)

– Understand the role of integrations in BMC Discovery

– Configure and troubleshoot integrations with other tools Certification Exam.

6. Administration and Troubleshooting (25%)

– Understand the various administrative tasks required for BMC Discovery

– Further, troubleshoot common issues and errors Certification Exam.

– Use logs and diagnostics to troubleshoot issues

Objectives of the Exam: BMC Certified Associate Discovery

1. BMC Discovery Installation and Configuration: This section of the exam covers topics related to installing and configuring BMC Discovery. Besides, including network configuration, further, user authentication, and database configuration.

2. BMC Discovery Management:  Further, this section covers topics related to managing BMC Discovery, such as managing device groups, adding and updating patterns, and managing accounts and credentials.

3. BMC Discovery Data Collection: This section focuses on the data collection process in BMC Discovery, including configuring and troubleshooting data collectors, and understanding the impact of data collection on system performance.

4. BMC Discovery Application Mapping:  Moreover, this section covers topics related to application and service discovery, including configuring and maintaining application models, creating service models, and troubleshooting application mapping Certification Exam.

Exam Format: BMC Certified Associate Discovery

The BMC Certified Associate Discovery 22. x for Administrators exam is an online proctored exam that consists of 80 multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. And then, the total duration equally important to the exam is 90 minutes and then, passing score is 64%.

Recommended Study Materials: Certification Exam

BMC offers a variety of study materials to help candidates prepare for the exam, including:

1. BMC Discovery 22. x: Fundamentals –  Furthermore, this eLearning course covers all the topics included in the exam and provides an in-depth understanding of BMC Discovery.

4. BMC Discovery Community –  In addition, the BMC Discovery community is an excellent resource for connecting with other BMC Discovery professionals, asking questions, and sharing knowledge and best practices.

Preparation Tips: BMC Certified Associate Discovery

 Familiarize Yourself with the Exam Objectives:

The first step in preparing for any certification exam is to thoroughly understand the exam objectives.  Further, make sure you have a clear understanding of each furtherobjective and can confidently explain and perform related tasks Certification Exam.

 Take Training Courses:

Finally, bmc offers instructional classes explicitly intended to get ready possibility for the BMC Confirmed Partner Disclosure 22. x for the chairman’s test. Besides, these courses cover the test goals and give involved experience BMC Revelation. further, you can likewise choose independent again internet based courses in the event that you like to learn at your own speed.

 Practice with BMC Discovery:

Hands-on experience is crucial for the for the administrator’s exam. You should have a thorough understanding of how BMC Discovery works and how to perform various tasks related to data management, user management reporting, and troubleshooting. Further, practice using the tool in a lab environment or on a trial version.

4. Study Guides and Practice Exams:

Fnally, there are several study guides and practice exams available online that can help you prepare for the BMC Certified Associate Discovery 22. x for the Administrators exam. Lastly, these resources cover the exam objectives and provide sample questions Equally important norto help you assess your knowledge and identify areas for improvement Certification Exam.

5. Join Online Communities:

And thenJoining online communities and forums can be a great way to connect with other BMC Discovery professionals and ask for tips and advice on preparing for the exam. Furthermore, you can also learn from their experience and get a better understanding of the exam content.


Finally, the BMC Discovery Community is a forum where you can interact with other BMC Discovery professionals, ask for advice, and share your knowledge and experience. Finally, this is a great resource to stay updated on the latest news and trends related to BMC Discovery Certification Exam.

BMC Certified Associate Discovery 22. x for Administrators Study Guide:

Lastly, this study guide covers the exam objectives and provides helpful tips and practice questions to aid in your preparation for the exam.


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